• John Paul Miller Scholarship in the Visual Arts

    The John Paul Miller Scholarship is a tuition scholarship that is awarded to a forth year student at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

    The student is chosen by the scholarship committee at the Cleveland Institute of Art.


     John Paul Miller

    The first Cleveland Arts Prize to be awarded in the visual arts was given to a man who had set out to be a painter, but instead made an international reputation in a very different art form: gold jewelry. In 1961, the same year John Paul Miller was awarded the arts prize, examples of his work were included in an international exhibition at London's Goldsmiths Hall.


  • The Klaus Roy Scholarship

    The Klaus Roy Scholarship is given to a student in grades ten through twelve at The Cleveland School of the Arts to help them purchase an instrument.


     Klaus Roy

    As the beloved author for more than thirty years of the Cleveland Orchestra’s concert program notes and broadcast interviews with many world famous composers and performers, Klaus Roy became known as an authority on musical greatness. As the creator of sparkling (and often witty) musical compositions, he revealed his own considerable musical gifts. And as a co-founder and guiding force of the Cleveland Arts Prize for more than four decades, he played an active role in the identification and nurturing of musical excellence.


    The Klaus Roy Scholarship in Music continues that legacy by recognizing young musicians of exceptional promise.


  • The Cleveland Arts Prize Scholarship in Literature

  • Kathryn Karipides Scholarship in Modern Dance

    This scholarship provides funds for a graduate dance student at Case Western Reserve University to attend a summer study dance program that will enhance his/her craft and skill.



     Kathryn Karipides

    The Kathryn Karipides Scholarship, open to Case Western Reserve University students, was designed to assist students between undergraduate and graduate school with opportunities for summer dance study.


    Ms. Karipides spent three summers at Connecticut College, studying intensively with some of the greatest modern dance artists of the time: Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Lucas Hoving, Jose Limon, and Louis Horst, and remembers those summers as "transformative" times in her artistic development. It was her wish to help aspiring dancers in this way.



    Verge Fellowships are generously supported by grants from the Cleveland Foundation and Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.




    In early 2017, CAP recognized a regional void to nurture and support the next generation of artistic excellence. These young, often unheralded artists are forging bold paths into Cleveland’s art scene.


    These are artists whom CAP considers “on the verge.”


    The On The Verge Fellowship or Verge Fellowship is CAP’s response to artists who are not yet ready to receive a Cleveland Arts Prize but who have nonetheless demonstrated creativity, passion, and commitment to the arts. As the CAP nomination period closes, CAP’s VERGE program opens.


    Applicants must be 21 and older, live in greater Cleveland, and create work in one or more of the five disciplines and represent Cleveland’s diversity in the arts.


    “Support for young, diverse artists is a critical gap in Cleveland’s creative infrastructure,” said Lillian Kuri, Cleveland Foundation Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “We are proud to partner with Cleveland Arts Prize to develop the Verge Fellowship so that more creative professionals have the ability to stay and build an artistic practice right here in Cleveland.”


    “We’re pleased to support the Cleveland Arts Prize and their efforts to recognize and support Cleveland-area artists,” said Jill Paulsen, Executive Director of Cuyahoga Arts & Culture. “By funding emerging artists, CAP is providing important visibility and funding for both current and future creative leaders in our community.”


    Verge Fellowship Applications: To be announced


    Verge Fellowship Application Guidelines


    Only one application per person will be accepted.


    1. You must be at least 21 years of age.

    2. You must reside in the Cleveland area. The City of Cleveland and any suburb that is adjacent by border.

    3. You must be creating work in one or more of the following disciplines:

    Visual Arts, Music, Literature, Dance and Theatre, and Design

    4. This is a video application: Please view 2018 Winners:

    5. Application form must be completed in full.

    6. No late applications will be accepted.

    7. Submitted videos must not exceed 2 minutes. Applications that exceed 2 minutes will be disqualified.